Accident at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix


لااااااا 😯😯😯😯حادث الانطلاق فى سباق سنغافورة

Gepostet von Tamer Bashir am Sonntag, 17. September 2017

The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix had a particularly chaotic start. While he was in pole position, Sebastien Vettel found himself in the middle of an accident.

Indeed, as the Commissioners of the Singapore GP stated: “The driver of car 7 (Kimi Räikkönen) made a very good start and was able to overtake car 33 (Max Verstappen) on the left. At the same time, car 5 (Sebastien Vettel), which took a slower start, moved to the left of the runway, car 33 and car 7 hung, causing a collision with the car 5 and, finally, the car 14 (Fernando Alonso), at the next turn “.

Constrained to abandon, the 4 drivers left the field free to Lewis Hamilton, who started in the 5th position, to win the race and especially to consolidate his lead in the overall standings.

Gerry McGovern Gentlemen Drivers Magazine


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