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Since ever, the world of automotive and watchmaking collaborate. But if it started with the making of chronometers, very quickly, things have evolved, to give birth to clocks embedded in the dashboards or chronographs with the details of a dashboard or even an engine. In this environment, when someone is already passionate about the automobile, his passion can only grow, thanks to his professional environment, as it is the case for Aldo Magada. Certainly, he inherited the passion of his father, who introduced him to the love of 4 wheels and his career has led him to collaborate with car brands like Bentley or to be surrounded by the most beautiful vintage cars at different events. Meeting with a man passionate about beautiful mechanics of all kinds.

Where does this passion for the automobile come from?

My father is passionate about cars and as they say, the apple never falls far from the apple tree! He knew how to transmit his passion to me. It must be said that I was also lucky to accompany him to the Geneva Motor Show, since my earliest childhood. For me, it was really a magical moment. Since then, this passion has continued to grow and it is thanks to him that I love the design, mechanics and all these sensations that driving can give me.

You are a big fan of classic models. Which car is the most mythical for you?

I must admit that I love all cars of exception, but I have a real penchant for the so-called classic cars and this for three reasons: many of these classic cars represent real dreams from my childhood, when I saw them passing by in the street. I have a preference for cars without any electronic help, because ultimately, we return to the purest driving. The last reason is simply the sympathy one arouses in people when one rides. There is never any jealousy or resentment on the part of pedestrians or other motorists, quite the contrary. That’s why it’s extremely difficult for me to quote a single mythical car, as there is! But if I have to do it, there are clearly two that stand out. It’s the E-type Jaguar and the Ferrari 250 GTO.

You are a car collector. What are the most beautiful pieces in your

Currently, I do not really have a vintage car, but I have the chance to get behind the wheel of a very close friend’s car. Currently, I ride with a Jaguar type-E, which is, as I said a little higher, probably one of the most beautiful cars ever built from all points of view. But there is also the Ford GT, the Jaguar MK140 or the Jaguar MK1.

Which car do you use in your daily life?

For my daily trips, I am currently using a Mercedes CLS shooting break, a Maserati Quattroporte and a Porsche Boxster S, the latest model, with the flat 6- cylinder engine. In winter, I also like to use a VW Golf R.

You have made a career in watchmaking. This world has always been close to that of the automobile. How did you experience this relationship with different brands?

Yes, these are two worlds that have always been intimately linked. Watchmaking also expresses, in its own way, the emotion and magic of mechanics. Mechanical enthusiasts are fascinated by all the mechanical objects that express the human genius and especially the excellence of the craftsmen. I had the chance to work for two watchmakers that have agreements with car brands: Breitling with Bentley and Zenith with Land Rover. Unlike the majority of watchmakers whose partnerships are limited to special series, Breitling really has a collaboration and this for more than 10 years with the British firm. A true partnership between a car brand and a watchmaking brand really makes sense when both brands share the same values ​​and are aimed at a close customer. Breitling and Bentley represent both performance and prestige, power and style, but also class and boldness. Like the engines of English cars, Breitling chronographs use high performance movements. This is the secret of a successful and lasting partnership.

Have you ever participated in a car competition?

Yes, I am the holder of an FIA license for "classic cars", which allowed me to participate in the Tour Auto, a race which, starting from Paris, lasts a week and includes special stages, circuits, as well as link routes. But you know, when we try it, inevitably, it’s because we want to live these sensations again. That’s why in the competitions organized by Peter Auto, I also participated in the Ten Thousand Tours of Castellet, the Classic Spa and the “Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or”.

Which discipline do you like the most?

The road rally is very interesting, because road and driving conditions are very varied, but today, I really wish to participate in a rally raid, for several days in the most remote countries. These races are unique, because they allow to better communicate with the population of the different countries, to know new cultures and especially to discover landscapes which we would not be interested in other circumstances.

How do you see the modern automobile and all the evolution in this sector?

The development of the automobile will be in accordance with the new constraints, including the ever-increasing number of cars on the road, as well as the need to reduce or even cancel the nuisance of pollution. It is important to point out that the pleasure of driving will be less and less possible. Finally, the car will again be considered as a means of utility transport, but during free moments, lovers of 4 wheels can still indulge in a leisure drive to satisfy their passion.

What do you think of autonomous cars? You could acquire one?

Frankly, it’s a real paradigm shift. Driving today is not easy. There is a lot of traffic jams, irresponsible driving by some drivers, etc … The autonomous car will make it easier to manage these increasingly important traffic flows and will at the same time reduce stress for drivers. I think very soon, the question will not be if I will acquire one, but which model to choose! While keeping a car for pleasure, that said, because the change can not be so radical.

Do you have some other passions?

As a hedonist, I love the good and beautiful things in life, including literature, art, travel, food, wine, cigars and friendship.




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