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The Tyres and Accessories divisions of Dubai-based Bridgestone distributor, Nasser Al Serkal and, the full-service car repair provider Autopro have just launched tyre safety initiative to safeguard UAE’s roads.

Both entities are encouraging the motorists in Dubai to check out their tyres for free when they get their car washed at selected car washes in the emirate.

According to the website, around 5% of fatalities on UAE roads are linked to faulty or poorly maintained ttyres.

Motorists tend to make their choice based only on the cost while they have to be more conscientious choosing tyres depending on the grade. A grade for example can cope with very high temperatures, B grade is the intermediate and C grad is acceptable.

Until 27 of July, from 4pm to 9 pm, clients can have free tyre-check services at the differents locations of Autopro Caar Wash in Media City, Ibn Battuta and Meadows.

“Tyre safety is a major issue here in the Emirates given the extreme climatic conditions which degrade tyres much quicker than in other parts of the world with less harsh climates,” said General Manager of Nasser Al Serkal, Adel Boutros. “In offering this free safety check we will not distinguish between Bridgestone and non-Bridgestone products, we’ll check everyone’s tyres, no matter what the brand. This initiative is about safety as we move into the hot season. High temperatures put extra strain on tyres and potentially expose any issues, including under inflation, cracks or exceeded expiry dates which could lead to catastrophic failure in the form of high speed blowouts.”



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