The 21st century has brought us many fantastic supercars, but when it comes to performance, there is one to rule them all, we mean Bugatti Veyron. One has only to read its name to realise its sporting potential. It is called Chiron to tribute to the Monegasque car driver who died in 1979 and who distinguished himself for Bugatti in the 1920s and 1930s. It was 11 years since the sports car manufacturer from Molsheim had not presented any novelty, so inevitably, all eyes were turned towards the French luxury brand unveiling its new supercar at the last Geneva International Motor Show. Presented in a two-tone dress, contrary to the Veyron which has not yielded any money to the Volkswagen Group, the Chiron aims for profitability. And given the order book, it is well gone.

The automotive world seems to be in constant evolution and innovation. Every day, new technologies and new models are emerging. While we think we had used all possible superlatives to describe a supercar, Bugatti unveils to the world the Chiron, which takes over from the Veyron, but with a so much brighter future, even before the first deliveries. In all, the French manufacturer has planned a production of 500 copies over 5 years, knowing that more than 200 units have been purchased.

To design the replacement for the Veyron and surprise the public, the design director of Bugatti, Achim Anscheidt, on the cover of this month’s Gentlemen Drivers, called on other designers to make proposals for the study of style and it was finally Sacha Selipanov who was invited to join the team of the manufacturer. After the presentation of the concept, the design evolved well, to make the famous “eight eyes” a true distinctive sign. As the name suggests, the Chiron has eight LED eyes on the front, four on each side, for a unique and intimidating look. It naturally retains the company’s emblematic horseshoe grille and is admittedly equipped with large air intakes at the front, but elegantly integrated into the shield. The new French supercar pays tribute to the history of the firm, notably through the line that crosses the roof and descends to the rear, borrowed from the famous Type 57 Atlantic, from which it was largely inspired. Thanks to the bicolour livery presented in Geneva, the marked profile line transmits a dynamism in the pure state, with the famous C prominently. In the back, the luminous headband offers a unique signature, succeeding in putting even more emphasis on exhaust. If at the stop, the French conceals its fin, which has 4 positions (Handling, Highway, Top speed, Air brake), once deployed, the beauty turns into a racing beast.

In the high spheres where the Chiron is positioned, nothing can be left to chance. So inevitably, the car cockpit drill alone is a real show. The Alsatian brand had to offer the best to its customers and this one is not likely to be disappointed. The centre line even shoots into the interior and shoots back out over the roof. The C shape is reflected in the interior as well, incorporating itself into the centre line. The designers wanted to create a separation between the driver and his passenger. “Less is more” seems to apply even more in luxurious models, since the Chiron is entitled to a dashboard more than purified, but the driver will have eyes, in all the ways, only for the dashboard and its imposing tachometer which displays the 500 km / h. To satisfy its customers tastes and preferences, Bugatti has planned more than thirty shades of leather, which can be associated with eight colours of suede.

After presenting its beauty assets, it is time to talk about the bestial side. If we thought it was impossible to do better than the Veyron Super Sport, Bugatti proved us the opposite. Actually, for the Chiron, they have used a completely new carbon fibre monocoque, the structure at the rear end is 8 kg lighter than that of its predecessor. Thanks to a power output of 1500 HP, an exceptionally high torque value of 1600 Nm between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm and a wide variety of technical innovations, the Chiron sets new standards. The manufacturer has limited the maximum speed of the new car to 420km/h for road use, this is by no means the end of the road for the Bugatti Chiron.

With a basic price of 2.4 million euros, the customer is indeed a king!

Gerry McGovern Gentlemen Drivers Magazine


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