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Bvlgari - Gentlemen Drivers

When two Italian brands sharing values as precision, performance, style and sportiness decide to work together, the result can only be impressive. Bulgari and Maserati began an exceptional partnership in 2012, launching the Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph, which was bearing the colors of the car manufacturer. Few years later, Bulgari choses to celebrate the Maserati Centennial featuring the Octo Maserati Limited Edition chronograph.

To celebrate the centenary of Maserati, Bulgari has decided to conceive a timepiece that interprets the brand’s values and evokes the art of living shared by the two Italian firms, reputed for their boldness, their creativity and their chic.

Produced in a limited number of 1.914 pieces, celebrating the founding year of Maserati, the chronograph took its inspiration from Maserati cars. Indeed, to provide a quick reading as a car speedometer and to display the time on a champlevé dial, Bulgari used a long and complex process that requires perfect control, time, high mental concentration and above all, a large number of subsequent work steps.

The movement chosen couldn’t be other than the “Velocissimo”, with automatic charge. Fitted with 45 rubies, it has a very high frequency amounting to as much as 36.000 alternations per hour. Equipped with a silicon escapement and a swinging pinion, that acts as an engagement pinion to assure that the chronograph is activated with the same precision as a sequential gearbox, the Calibro BVL 328 watch has a 50-hour reserve charge and perfectly blends performance, precision and life charge. This powerful mechanism has been designed to work with great precision both under sudden stresses or sharp speed changes, as well as when travelling long distances, just like a Maserati GranTurismo.

With its 41.5 mm diameter that enables comfortable dial read-off, the case of the Octo Maserati is water-resistant to 100 meters. The stop/start and reset buttons are respectively placed at 2 and 4 o’clock and are the blink of an eye to the Italian accomplishments both in architecture and design. The performance is not left behind, thanks to the tachometric bezel.

The brand emblem, the famous trident inspired by the Neptune fountain in Bologna, tops the chronograph hand and discreetly appears on the semi-transparent blue case-back. As blue is Maserati’s iconic color, the dial is featuring a luminous blue shade and the alligator leather strap has also been chosen in this color. It is secured to the wrist by a double-blade steel folding clasp, with a safety fastening, and it is as supple and refined as the upholstery of one of these fascinating sports cars.

The Octo Maserati is a limited-series watch, created by Bulgari for gentlemen drivers and that expresses the quintessence of a vision of elegance, fully shared by the two Italian brands. It is a manifesto of a distinctive art of living, of kindred values and of a jointly upheld philosophy.

Bvlgari - Gentlemen Drivers

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