Lamborghini Forged Composites


Lamborghini has revolutionized the world of ultra-sports cars. Indeed the Italian firm, unveiled a video presentation of the Forged Composites. A new material that will dress the future models of the bull and which required thirty years of research and studies.

The “Material of the Future” as described by Lamborghini, is the result of research carried out in the factories of the brand. The development of this new material began in 2008 in collaboration with Callaway Golf Company.

Maintaining the manufacturing secrets of Forged Composites and its composition, Lamborghini however said that this material exhibits technical properties that was unthinkable up to now.

The composite material, which has already been registered, is distinguished by the integrated geometries, the maximum flexibility and molding cycles that are just 3 minutes long. But that’s not all: the avant-garde beauty of Forged Composites shows how this material has huge benefits to offer in terms of aesthetics and not just for its technology and performance.

Composed, among other things, of carbon fiber, Forged Composites, beyond its technical properties, would offer cars of the brand a much more definite look than it already is. It will be possible to see this material at the Geneva Motor Show since it has been used on various elements of the Huracan Performante.

Thanks to the Forged Composites, it shows 41 kilos less on the scale. But if it is the first time it is used in the structure, it already made its appearance in 2011 on the Sesto Elemento although it was not presented in the same way.

The brand has only announced a new carbon-plastic fiber technology. But a picture worth a thousand words, find the video published by Lamborghini to present the Forged Composites before having all the details at the Geneva Motor Show.

Gerry McGovern Gentlemen Drivers Magazine


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