Desert Camel Power by Nissan Middle East


If until then the two important measures to know the capacities of a car are the horsepower and the torque, Nissan Middle East is about to revolutionize the segment of SUVS, which is the most popular in the UAE market.

Nissan engineers came to the conclusion that these measures are not the most adequate for desert capability. After several researches, they developed the “Desert Camel Power”, using a scientificaly formula that can be simplified as:

Desert Camel Power = Velocity x Weight x Trajectory. 

The engineers found that it comes down to the interplay between the vehicle’s weight, its velocity and its trajectory. Other factors including maneuvrability, engine torque and of course the skill of the driver do come into play and cannot be discounted. However, if they caame to standardise a vehicle’s approach speed and trajectory in a given environment, they can time how quickly it travels a set distance and subsequently factor in its weight to work out its Desert Camel Power.

This new measure has been clearly developped focusing on Gulf countries in collaboration with the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, that is the only reference in the UAE when it comes to quality standards.

More tests will be undertaken to determine the performance of vehicles in an unusual environment. Khalaf Al Hammadi, head of ESMA’s Standards Department declared that the Camel Power would be adopted at a later stage as a national standard for all vehicles. it will be presented to the standardisation authority of the Gulf Co-operation Council as well as global regulators.

Expected to be officially introduced by the end of this year, the Desert Camel Power will be initially used in all Nissan Middle East showrooms to defin the off-road capabilities of Nissan’s SUV line-up.

Samir Cherfan, managing director, Nissan Middle East, said: “The arguments have raged for decades among off-road enthusiasts about which vehicle is the most capable in the desert and what makes it so. Desert Camel Power is a means to scientifically measure and define a given vehicle’s fitness to take on the dunes, something which may at least go some way to settling those arguments. Desert Camel Power will also act as a touchstone for Nissan engineers going forward, as they seek, in particular, to build upon Patrol’s unrivalled capabilities as a conqueror of the dunes.”


Gerry McGovern Gentlemen Drivers Magazine


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