Pininfarina at the Geneva Motor Show

Pininfarina - Gentlemen Drivers

Pininfarina had two very different reveals at the Geneva Motor Show. In both cases, these are collaborations, but in two distinct registers. While the Fittipaldi EF7 wants to be extremely sporty, the H600 concept car is more like an electric sedan that has put everything on the luxury.

Hybrid Kinetic is a Chinese group that decided to appeal to Pininfarina to draw the lines of this concept. The Italian design office was therefore responsible for offering the sedan harmonious proportions, flowing surfaces and marked lines to highlight its dynamism.

The Pininfarina key is felt in every detail of the body. Characterizing elements include soft, evolutive surfaces and a few dynamic, expressive lines that underscore the assertive, valiant personality of the car. The marks on the warm grey metallic body emphasize the variegated reflections of the light and call attention to a number of details, like jeweled insets, such as the polished aluminum inserts arranged in a line that starts at the bonnet, runs along the waistline and embraces the rear section, reflecting the degree of finish typically associated with premium segment cars.

Pininfarina - Gentlemen Drivers

Pininfarina opts for a lounge atmosphere. The noble materials are naturally part of the interior with a high quality leather as well as wood respecting the whole tradition of cabinet-making. Like all luxury sedans, it is entitled to a clock in the center control panel. Moreover, the latter is one of the most impressive elements of the passenger compartment.

Indeed, an imposing touchscreen serves as a center control panel and another digital screen is placed just in front of the passenger. Thanks to a well-planned layout of the seats, livability is also one of its strengths.

Pininfarina - Gentlemen Drivers

Under the hood is the part Hybrid Kinetic Group has taken on by developing electric motors with batteries that can be recharged by a micro turbine, which allows to extend the autonomy.

Developing almost 800 hp, the Pininfarina H600 would reach 100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds but what would allow it to stand out more in the world of electric vehicles is its autonomy which was announced at 1,000 Km.

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