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It was during the Geneva Motor Show that Pininfarina unveiled the concept H600 which was developed for the Chinese Hybrid Kinetic Group. To make a dramatic entry in the electric vehicle market, if Hybrid Kinetic has all the technology to develop its own engines, it needed a reference from the world of design for its first sedan. Luxury, sportiness and elegance, Pininfarina has remained faithful to its values ​​to give birth to a sedan with harmonious proportions and tight lines as is the case for many models designed by the famous design studio.

Pininfarina is a design reference in the automotive world through collaborations with major manufacturers who have given birth to mythical models. Today, it is this reputation that led the Chinese group Hybrid Kinetic to call on the services of the Italian company.

Intended for an international career, the H600, which should be in production very soon, is a sedan with elegant features and refined details. She has reinterpreted the Pininfarina codes and adopted them to display a distinguished style. Adopting fluid lines, it naturally remind us of some Maserati models, in particular, through its grille with vertical slats chrome that incorporates extremely fine lights, giving it a modern look. Thanks to a long ribbed hood and well-defined lines that extend along the entire body, the Pininfarina H600 leaves no doubt about its dynamism. At the rear, it displays a unique light signature as the horizontal lights are linked by a luminous band.

The Pininfarina H600, opted for antagonistic doors that give access to a luxurious cockpit that left no detail at random. She is entitled to noble materials like leather and wood that has been used according to the tradition of cabinet-making. And like any luxury sedan, a clock is set in the center control panel.

As for the mechanical part, it was Hybrid Kinetic Group which took care of it. Indeed, the Hong Kong company is specialized in low-emission cars. The Pininfarina H600 wants to distinguish itself in the electric market thanks to a proposal that avoid the driver to be recharging the car. It is equipped with the next-gen HK powertrain technology, comprising battery, electric motors, electrical controller and range extender, is the other key feature making H600 stand out among its competitors. Range limitation is no longer a problem thanks to the golden combination of the HK micro turbine generator range extender and HK super battery, empowering the H600 with ultra-mileage and a long driving range.

Using an aluminum chassis, it displays a weight of 1870 kg. Thanks to its 4 electric motors, the Pininfarina H600 boasts a power of more than 800 hp. This concept whose top speed has been limited to 250 km / h, would run the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.9 s and above all, would have a driving range of 1,000 km.

The Pininfarina H600 is born from the collaboration between two references in their field. The Italian line designed by Pininfarina does not suffer any criticism and even less, the particular care given to the cabin of the sedan. As for Hybrid Kinetic Group, it has developed a more efficient and superior technology. All that remains is to wait for the launch of the commercial version of the new electric sedan, to see what it has retained of the concept presented.

Pininfarina - Gentlemen Drivers

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