Porsche 911: 1.000.000 units


The Porsche 911 has just taken a new course. The mythical sportscar has released his millionth vehicle out of the factory of Zuffenhausen today, May 11th.

Launched in 1963, it has gained notoriety over the years to integrate the very closed circle of the most popular sportscars. According to Porsche, 70% of the models produced since its launch are still in circulation. For this special unit, which carries the number 1.000.000, Porsche presents a model as modern as nostalgic. Indeed, if all the technology embarked is shared with the new models, for the body  an “Irish green” color has been chosen, while the tackle and a part of the wooden steering wheel, are taking us back to the past.

This particular factory releasing, counted on the presence of Wolfgang Porsche, himself, who could not miss this opportunity. He was one of the engineers who created 911 in the early 1960s. This 911 Carrera S, which uses a 400-hp, six-cylinder flat engine, will not prove its worth on the road, or at least not for the moment, since it directly integrates the historical collection of the Porsche Museum.

Porsche - Gentlemen DriversPorsche - Gentlemen DriversPorsche - Gentlemen DriversPorsche - Gentlemen Drivers

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