Porsche Cayenne: New Guinness World Records title


The latest Porsche Cayenne S diesel has just entered the Guiness World Records. If cars are accustomed to being there for speed records, this is not the case with this Cayenne.

Indeed, in collaboration with Air France Porsche has made Charles de Gaulle airport its playground. The German SUV, which develops a power of 385 hp and a torque of 850 Nm, towed an Airbus A380, which makes more than 70 Meters long and weighs about 270 tons.

Thanks to its standard hitch, the Cayenne S diesel was able to take the A380 out of the hangar to the track for a distance of 42 meters. This performance, therefore, allows the German to enter the book Guinness World Records as car of series to have pulled the heaviest plane.

Gerry McGovern Gentlemen Drivers Magazine


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