Ralph Lauren Car Collection


Ralph Lauren Car Collection

Ralph Lauren Car Collection

Gepostet von Gentlemen Drivers am Donnerstag, 9. November 2017

A renowned stylist, Ralph Lauren also has a great passion for cars. His work in the fashion field has greatly influenced his look on the automobile. Like his creations, which transcend obsolescence, the cars of his collection have as common denominator an intemporality that sometimes finds its source from his regard of great esthete.
Thus, from time to time, he does not hesitate to modify certain details in order to sublimate them more. And as he also likes to make them live, he uses them regularly, admitting to have a weakness for the authentic sports cars that, in his eyes, combine power and beauty. Moreover, it never gets tired of listening to the captivating sonority of their engines nor to taste the pleasure of sitting behind their wheel. His collection, which is among the most beautiful in the world, allowed him to collect several awards, including the prestigious “Pebble Beach Concours”. In this exclusive interview, we learn a little more about his devouring passion for the automobile.

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