Rolls-Royce previews Mohammed Kazem’s new work

Rolls Royce - Gentlemen Drivers

The marque’s global centre of excellence, the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, was the source of inspiration for this exciting collaboration between Emirati artist Mohammed Kazem and the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design collective.

Kazem, a pioneer of contemporary art in the UAE, was commissioned for the Rolls-Royce Art Programme. The new work is formed of two parts and furthers the artist’s Directions series, a body of work which renders transient phenomena, in this case data points, into a tangible form.

The sculptural piece, consists of a group of numbers and letters created from steel, which are the coordinates of the craftsmen and women from the Home of Rolls-Royce that Kazem encountered on visiting Goodwood. As the data points indicate specific locations, they also bear a sense of the environments they represent, encapsulating ideological elements. These numbers and letters, although architecturally composed, are displayed in a spontaneous manner, encouraging an interaction with the viewer through reflections of the individual and their surrounding environment.

Rolls-Royce - Gentlemen Drivers

On visiting the Home of Rolls-Royce, the residing Bespoke Design team and Kazem found a mutual respect for one another’s art. Collaboratively, they were moved to create a unique motor car, which weaves Kazem’s interest in latitude and longitude coordinates into the heart of its very being. A Rolls-Royce Wraith forms the second part of Kazem’s art work, commissioned by Abu Dhabi Motors, furthering still his Directions series.

Patrons of Rolls-Royce frequently request that the master craftspeople behind the creation of their motor car sign their work. Here, this notion is enhanced by using the coordinates of Rolls-Royce’s artisans and physically integrating these data points into the fabric of the motor car. The Bespoke Starlight Headliner alone is the product of nearly 90 hours of painstaking work, with 863 individually placed fibre-optic threads sewn by hand to complement 60,000 individually embroidered stitches. A Bespoke backlit clock is embellished with the coordinates, whilst a hand-painted feature line reminds the viewer of the locality of the Home of Rolls-Royce and Abu Dhabi Motors, the starting and ending destinations for this Bespoke Wraith.

Rolls-Royce - Gentlemen Drivers

Mohammed Kazem’s new work for the Rolls-Royce Art Programme will be publicly exhibited at the Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi showroom from 27 April – 25 May 2017.

Source: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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