Volvo XC60: The New Generation

Volvo - Gentlemen Drivers

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Volvo has just launched the production of the new XC60 in Gothenburg. Indeed, it was on 14th April 1927 that the first car of the brand, the ÖV4, came out of the factory and it was sold at 275 units.

Today, the new generation of the XC60, continues the undeniable success of this model. Introduced in 2008, it represents nearly 30% of Volvo’s total sales worldwide. Since the launch, 966,000 vehicles have been sold but the million mark will soon be reached before the commercialization of the next generation.

Volvo - Gentlemen Drivers

Equipped with the latest technological advances in safety, it is considered one of the safest vehicles. To qualify as such, the XC60 is entitled to Lane Change Prevention on the opposite lane using steering assistance to thereby mitigate the risk of frontal collision. But that’s not all.

The Volvo SUV also incorporates the semi-automatic driver, which is a semi-autonomous driver assistance system that manages both steering, acceleration and braking on well-signposted roads up to 130 km /h.

Thanks to all these equipments, Volvo only confirms its desire to offer the safest vehicles in the world.

This second generation of the XC60, which was presented in great pomp at the New York Motor Show, displays a more dynamic silhouette and more marked lines that go hand in hand with its ambitions. The new SUV will be offered with 3 different engines namely the T5 which develops 250 hp, the T6 whose power reaches 316 hp thanks to a turbocharger while the most powerful version culminates at 400 hp but highlights its ecological side thanks to a hybrid engine.

Volvo - Gentlemen Drivers

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